Nail ceramic tungsten steel alloy polishing head set


Temporarily out of stock, will not ship until the end of March

Size: 6.5 * 5.5 cm / 2.56 * 2.17 ”
Material: Ceramic + Metal + PP
Style: GH-01 / GH-02 / GH-03 / GH-04 / GH-05 / GH-06 / GH-07 / GH-08 / GH-09 / GH-10
Function: Universal replacement head for nail grinding

1. Due to manual measurement, please allow measurement deviation of 1-3cm.

2. Due to the difference between the display and lighting effects, the actual color of the project may differ slightly from the color shown in the picture. thank youHcc05548fc693439fb0236bb5ae2112cbR Hed8d37ef73cd408b8ee12d44e0c4bd71m H6372a17d32ad4f118300081207d48a965 H09a8cbdec3fa492f8787e4dece989d4eN H6a16ae70b95049c9857863d802acf64e0 He547b09117a74fc3a8600a08c58517f26 H3a0e3f2acf0946b9aa90ce5db24578057 Hbab10a81860c4631b5fb6b137300e429j H36a97e8a4250412f8179bacc7b85771aK Hb8b5d6aab9f4472790c367a43a255282B H8a9af6e988c7406692d42264edd21169j H2e994e759a6f4e2d9b9ccba6e6ab0a18W Hbe75d2eaa8cc49abb504667a55182e92R Hd103b42574404993812e686ea26067e6r Hd5337d0e5af24e70ba3f7f60e7322e98k H799119a5ce2c4230a56fe47a42123b96Y H1f520fb24dcd463ca00748198a124990V H64be1fe9aae748499a27344ded573e78p H42549708d5a34fc4a5ea55cff6ec8e0dZ Hf11abb9619ec41ed97b116ddc940db57W Heb3e33692809478390ca2ad42cfda610c H3ff64ca53f9d4bc6968a4a2b2ad1eae8b H0160eacb0ea84f9c8a97d395c71600ba6

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