5-Port HDMI Switcher



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Product Name: 5 in 1out HDMI Switcher

Color: Black

Resolution :1920*1080

Power: DC 5V

Battery: Not contain


This kind of HDMI Amplifier mini Switcher routes high definition video (in multiple resolutions up to 1080p) and digital audio from any one of the several sources to display units. All inputs accommodate the connections of the high-definition video sources simultaneously compatible well for HD-DVD SKY-STB for PS3 for Xbox for 360 etc. The output sends the high-definition audio/video signals to a high-definition display.
This HDMI 1.3 Switcher has many features that enable it to perform in a superior manner.
This 3 Port HDMI Switch maintains high-resolution video – beautiful for sharp HDTV resolutions up to 1080p 2k 1440p graphics and computer resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 are easily achieved.
It features plastic construction with a SELECT button for easy operation.

Support 12-bit deep color full 1080p.Z
The switch supports HDMI1.3b.
High performance up to 2.5Gbps.
One OUTPUT port and three IN ports.
Item size: 8 * 5.8 * 1.8cm

Attention: Don’t insert or extract the IR extender receiver when the power on

otherwise, the HDMI will be a failure


Package Included:

5Port HDMI Remote Package includes:

1 x  5 port HDMI Switch Box

1 x  IR Remote control (Not including Battery)

1 x  External IR Receiver


Connection and Operation

1 . Connect the HDMI input source into the HDMI switcher.
2. Connect the IR extender receiver.
3. Connect the power adapter  (DC 5V 1A)
4. Turn on the power


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