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product description
Name: Neck Pillow
1. Neck pillow, micro elastic support, comfortable elastic surface, 8 minutes a day, healthy cervical vertebrae exposed
2. Relax the cervical spine, deep care, focus on cervical spine relaxation, curvature assistance, available on both sides, elastic material bonding, elastic cervical spine pillow, stretch for 8 minutes a day, find a healthy cervical spine curve, V-shaped arc, support and fix the position of the cervical spine, Press the pellets to relax the muscles on both sides of the cervical spine
3. C-shaped opening, downward pressure is elastic, deformed, strengthened support, neck bone guide groove, guide the correct posture when using, assisted by gravity curvature, lie down and relax the cervical spine
4. Use gravity to press down naturally, stretch the cervical spine in three directions, horizontal stretch, curvature stretch, upward stretch, C-shaped opening design 2CM
After being pressed down, the neck pillow deforms and stretches, reducing compression
Two-way pillow design, both positive and negative use, the stretching and traction effects are very different
1. Weak positive traction
Suitable for initial maintenance
2. Reverse traction enhancement
Suitable for those who have adapted

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Cervical spine stretch pillow



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