Memory Foam Seat Cushion


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About smell

During the production to delivery process, the product is in a sealed state and the smell cannot be dispersed in time.Pillow products are separated from pillowcases, and can be ventilated in a cool place for 2-3 days. Some friends more sensitive, it is recommended to extend Ventilated.

About Chromatism

All products in this shop are taken in kind, due to the difference in sunlight, angle, and Monitor.There may be a certain color difference between the picture and the product, and the actual color shall prevail.

About bubbles

The product is a mould process. If a small hole or air bubble in the inner core is a normal phenomenon, it is not a product quality problem and it can be used with confidence.

About style

Standard style: memory foam core style.
Upgraded style: bamboo charcoal memory foam core style.
Advanced  style: magnetic cloth lined with bamboo charcoal memory foam core style.
The inner core can not be washed and can be placed in a ventilated place to dry. Pillowcases can be washed.

Manual measurement, there may be an error of 1-3cm, which is normal.

Bamboo charcoal has a loose and porous structure, and its are fine and porous, and the texture is hard. Has a strong adsorption capacity, can purify the air and eliminate odor. Contact with the human body can absorb moisture and perspiration. After scientific refining and processing, it has been widely used in daily life.

Magnetic properties are the properties of matter, and the human body also has a certain magnetic property. It has been confirmed by scientific experiments that the use of magnetic substances and biomagnetic effects inside the human body can adjust various unbalanced or abnormal functional states in the human body to improve human health. Play a protective effect.


Brand Name





Seat Cushion/Back Cushion



Set Type


Unpick and Wash

Removable and Washable





Model Number






Heating Method

Hot-water Bag Heating



Pattern Type



Memory Foam


Polyester / Cotton

Age Group


81 reviews for Memory Foam Seat Cushion

  1. 5***r

    вроде помогает.

  2. Y***6

    The order did not come. Money returned

  3. Customer

    Excellent and fast shipping !

  4. V***r

    Pillow of good quality, there is no smell.

  5. Customer

    This living because you determine if not but this living barely a few sat is that you ‘ve been sticking part seems pretty phone piggy bank well acid then

  6. M***v

    The pillow arrived at-time! At first glance very yes-it looks good, I sit on it and do not feel discomfort (although after the operation on EKH kopchik NOET and can not sit for a long long) immediately this moment is provided and the load on it is almost minimal. Although honestly not familiar. I did not talk to the store about this much, I can not say anything about it… So far, I can recommend the seller and the goods. In a month I will add a review if I do not forget.

  7. Á***a

    Amazing! Absolute Comfort

  8. أشواق الدوسري


  9. I***v

    It came quickly. The back is harsh, but the back is pleasant. Seat grade.

  10. Vendelín Vašek

    Velmi rychle dorucenie. Odporucam

  11. I***S

    It came quickly! Very convenient, for the back and 5th point. Comfortable Long sit, behind the PC, worth your money

  12. Софія Бондаренко

    Ergonomically correct, but appeared to be too thick for my chair. You never know for sure until you try though. In terms of quality and packaging everything is good, deserves 5 stars without doubts.

  13. 3***r

    Ordered two sets. One with mesh lining second magnetic cloth lining At first glance, I did not find the difference, but the store explained that it was necessary to look under the pillowcase. In the photo, the dark fabric is magnetic, for how much it is effective in terms of health there is no reliable information, but it costs 500 rubles more than without this magnetic fabric.

  14. Y***a

    Great quality and support column firm but soft.

  15. Леон Галицький

    In appearance, it is sewn qualitatively. Sit very comfortable. The thing is good, although it’s expensive. Recommend.

  16. M***t

    Excellent the backrest to help keep the correct posture. In the House is too high the pillow under, but great for office chair

  17. M***e

    Hi, it looks good material, it takes a lot of time for customs.

  18. O***L

    A good product liked, the right thing especially when seated work. well relieves the load from the back

  19. Віктор Авраменко

    It’s convenient if you do not move your legs when sitting

  20. M***v


  21. G***r

    пришло без вакуумной упаковки, поэтому посылка большая.

  22. S***k

    Very good quality.

  23. N***e

    To soft

  24. T***a

    The pillow for the back is wonderful, I’m very pleased that I bought it, I regretted that I did not immediately take the kit for the seat, I will order

  25. V***z

    It’s harder than I thought, but I’m doing great. It’s comfortable and when I feel I don’t heal my back and my kidneys are still attached. I recommend it.

  26. Customer

    Пришло в пакете. Внутри упаковано в пластиковый пакет. Качество норм. Брал на игровое кресло. Удобно.

  27. Victoria Hunt

    Really nice and comfortable really needed this back paint almost gone

  28. Customer

    Very happy. It became very pleasant to sit, it came quickly

  29. T***h

    Came just before the promised time, all the rules. Thank you.

  30. N***n

    неудобная , после нее спина болит,да и сидушка не держит форму проваливается

  31. Сніжана Галицький

    Got to Ukraine in 12 days. very fast! Seller Super!!

  32. K***r

    앉아서 명상을 하는데 편합니다. 배송은 14일만에 빠르게 도착하였어요.

  33. Customer

    Excellent! Comfortable very

  34. F***r

    Very good, seat and back well padded so very comfortable, the seams look good qualities, perfect I recommend

  35. M***a

    Nice pillow. Kopchik got less sick. Sit comfortably.

  36. O***o

    Good, comfortable, soft

  37. D***e


  38. F***i

    Envío correcto y muy rápido. Vendedor recomendable.

  39. A***n

    The pillow came quickly by courier, soft.

  40. Customer


  41. R***R


  42. A***n

    Пришел до Дальнего Востока за 17 дней,покупкой пока полностью доволен,посмотрим как будет через пол года

  43. A***V

    Sit comfortably. A grade

  44. R***S

    But I expected more

  45. D***v

    It’s hot.

  46. K***o

    Shipping fast. Less than a month to Moscow. Packing is good. The goods are delivered safely and safely. Goods are quality. Fully corresponds to the description. I recommend the store and the goods!

  47. R***s

    Pillows are cool, it’s a pleasure to sit! The only pillow itself, not the back, has no fixation, in this connection, it is constantly necessary to correct. But the comfort is certainly on top!

  48. Customer

    He arrived quickly and with couriers home. I suffer injuries on the columba, lumbar zone and with this seat I can spend more time sitting without any discomfort. You can wash the case and the color is discreet.

  49. A***L

    Under my weight 95 kg on the verge of convenience, the kopchik almost does not leak when sitting for 6 hours without a break. The cover is removable. Express delivery from Russia fast IML Courier, term as writes on the site.

  50. A***a

    muy bueno! lo compre para mi papa que es camionero y le encanto, el cojin de adecua perfectamente al sillon del camion lo recomiendo

  51. Customer

    좋습니다. 방석은 없어도 될 듯합니다. 제가 사용하는 의자는 허리 부분 보강이 되어 있지만 허리 쿠션을 추가로 사용할 때 더 편안합니다. 드라마틱하진 않습니다

  52. A***a

    The product corresponds to the description, the store sent the goods immediately, the delivery is fast. It is very convenient to sit.

  53. Customer

    Nice, high quality product that performs as described, and is made out of the same materials as described and shown in the actual product pictures.

  54. Bryan Stevens

    Received today. Exactly as in the picture. Satisfied with my purchase!

  55. B***m

    Excellent quality! At first I bought an asshole, now I bought it under my back. Excellent thing, now sit on an office chair, it became many times more comfortable! Delivery by DPD, within a week! Class!

  56. Customer

    The pillow is soft, not big. Not for a big ass. In general, a good product.

  57. L***l

    מצויין, acne long one

  58. 귀***서


  59. D***a


  60. D***u

    Hello Dear!! The package arrived and I picked it up. 1.Goodly the package arrived in very good condition. 2. Everything I ordered was indeed in the package as described. 3. Shipping was extremely fast 4. I checked the Memory Foam Seat and it feel very well 5. Thank you for the service and product.

  61. J***z

    Shipping to Spain without problems. It looks good quality. Recommend supplier

  62. A***o

    Excellent pillow, did not waste money, I’m happy. 95 kg pillow holds normally.

  63. T***I

    Well, I liked more what’s for the back Where sitting I ordered another mosh with air bubbles and it is more convenient Fast delivery Well done Thanks

  64. H***a

    Just perfect, worth buying too, already ordered was another

  65. Customer

    I didn’t get much. What’s with him, what’s without him-I don’t feel much difference. Delivered quickly. To the store no complaints.

  66. Customer

    My husband is super happy

  67. M***v

    удобная подушка

  68. H***a

    Second time I buy the products of this company, are simply fantastic, really worth, A tip for those who buy the backrest back, think that not everyone will like, but the seat can buy without fear.

  69. C***V

    He arrived in 10 days. Just like the picture. Good product

  70. V***a

    The order came quickly, for 2 weeks in the Krasnodar Territory. I liked the pillow, all as indicated by the store. I recommend!

  71. B***i

    Delivered quickly, came intact. The back itself is also generally satisfied. An unpleasant smell, there are no sticking threads. The material is nice. Made neatly and soundly. It is convenient that the cover is removable. The only thing that can be counted on a small flaw is that the strap for fastening is not adjustable in width, but in general, I liked everything, especially for the price for which that I

  72. M***r

    Excellent service and product better than expected. Thank you!

  73. A***k

    The back did not fit to our car, and the sidushka is good

  74. Z***l

    very good and variable store

  75. C***z

    Everything in perfect condition, packed properly in vacuum, very comfortable, as described, I already tested it and it’s ufff wonderful

  76. K***r

    There was a shipping problem at the beginning, but the response was very quick and the resend arrived safely.

  77. M***h

    Хороший комплект для работы в кресле

  78. M***o

    es cómodo y buen material

  79. N***u

    produit qui à l’air de bonne qualité

  80. W***e


  81. G***r

    Well-received good product thank you

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