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XIAOMI Robot STYJ02YM Main Features

* Support 3 modes, Sweeping and Mopping, Vacuum Cleaner Sweeping, Mopping.
* Simulate bend down mopping, two-way repeated wiping, and more thorough cleaning.
* 200ML intelligent electric control water tank, even water, protect the wooden floor.
* 12 sets of sensors, high-precision sensors, assisted navigation and sensing the surrounding environment.
* LDS laser navigation system, faster speed, higher precision, more accurate mapping.
* WIFI connect mobile phone, Timing boot, Automatic Cleaning for Home and Office, Automatic charging.
*  Support for a scheduled cleaning, fixed cleaning, zone cleaning, automatic recharge.
* Support room partition, which can merge, split, and name the area.
* Support software to set virtual wall and set forbidden sweep area.
* 2100PA large suction, brushless motor, the noise is less than 55db.
* 300ML dust box, double filter system, effective filter dust, mites, and more clean air.
* 3200mAH Long-life Li-Battery, it can cleaning 180 square meters of the environment.



Detailed parameters

XIAOMI Sweeping Mopping Robot
Mop the to floor clean, sweep it thoroughly
Support 3 sweeping modes, simulate artificial mopping, repeated cleaning to make the floor cleaner, intelligent electric control water tank, protect wooden floor, 2100Pa large suction, more thorough cleaning, new upgrade LDS laser navigation, more accurate map
Powerful cleaning: 2100PaC super suction
Accurate planning: newly upgraded LDS laser navigation system
Feeling sharp: 12 sets of sensors
Intelligent electric control water tank: precise control of water
Professional mopping path design: simulated manual cleaning
Three gears to regulate water volume: Protect wooden floor
Support 3 modes of sweeping and mopping
sweeping and mopping simultaneously, single sweeping mode, single mopping mode
Professional mopping path design
Simulate manual cleaning, repeatedly wiping the floor in both directions
A professional cleaning path is specially designed for mopping the floor,
simulating the manual cleaning method, wiping the floor back and forth in both directions to make the floor clean.
Intelligent precision electric control water tank
3 gears control the water output. Protective floor
Possess powerful water control technology, equipped with precise electric control water tank and micro-control water pump, to accurately control the water output, not to be blocked for long-term use, but also to sense the state of water, intelligent control by chip, no water seepage, care of wooden floor. Tookfun.
2100Pa strong suction
The cleaning ability is greatly improved. It is equipped with a Japanese brushless motor and adjusted the air duct design to achieve a strong suction of 2100Pa. It can easily absorb dust particles and enjoy the comfort of walking barefoot on the wooden floor.
No need to purchase accessories separately
Water tank dust box 2-in-1.Contains 2 types of mop with good water absorption
With a newly designed large-capacity 2-in-1 water tank, the ratio of the dust box to the water tank has been carefully adjusted to achieve a better battery life, sucking away dust particles and mopping the ground at the same time. Sweeping and mopping are done at the same time. Achieve double cleaning power.
New generation LDS laser navigation system
Regional Planning
Has a new LDS laser scanning system, using multi-level calibration target and segmental fitting algorithm, faster rotating speed, higher accuracy, longer range. Building maps is faster, more sensitive to avoid obstacles, and has a wider collection range.
Faster information processing and real-time map creation
Powerful performance comes from smart brain
The quad-core Cortex-A7 processor, coupled with the dual-core mali400 image processing unit, has powerful computing performance that can quickly collect and process sensor information. In conjunction with the SLAM algorithm, it can build maps in real time and plan reasonable cleaning paths to achieve efficient cleaning.
Connect with MI Home APP for remote control
Connect to the MI Home APP, you can open more control experience, remote control, scheduled cleaning, people can control robot cleaning even when not at home. Very convenient.
Automatic room division
Sequential cleaning of designated rooms in bedroom, living room and kitchen
After the cleaning is completed for the first time, the robot will intelligently identify the room and automatically save the cleaning sequence by partition. You can merge, divide and name the division maps. In the subsequent cleaning, the cleaning will be performed sequentially according to the cleaning order set by the rooms.Tookfun.
Dynamic path planning, sweeping and mopping are different
When cleaning, the robot will intelligently judge whether the sweeping mode or the mopping mode.
According to the map after the partition, the dynamic intelligent path planning will clean each room one by one to reduce the repeated cleaning phenomenon and improve the cleaning efficiency.
Set software virtual wall or frame selection restricted area
Set up cleaning restricted areas. No need to buy extra accessories
For areas that do not want to be cleaned, you can add a software virtual wall through the Mijia APP. When the robot arrives in the area, it will automatically bypass this area. You can also manually define the cleaning restricted area. The robot will consciously avoid the restricted area to complete the cleaning.
With XIAOMI AI speakers. At your command
The robot can cooperate with the XIAOMI AI speaker.
You only need to say the cleaning requirements to the XIAOMI AI speaker,
and the robot can respond immediately and listen to your instructions.
High-precision sensors
Assist navigation, cross obstacles, and sense the surrounding environment
The robot is equipped with 12 types of multi-directional sensors,
so that the robot can sensitively sense various complex environments,
easily avoid obstacles, cover the home environment in more detail, and protect the robot and furniture.
Ability to climb over 2cm obstacles
High-performance configuration and thoughtful design
The breakpoints continue to be cleaned and automatically recharged
Long lasting power, 110 minutes of long-term use, 180 square meters of room can be cleaned at one time
Easy disassembly design, easy replacement of parts
Infrared induction charging base, quicker recharge

Detailed parameters

Brand Model

XIAOMI Vacuum Cleaner Sweeping Mopping Robot STYJ02YM

Release Date





White / Black

Dust box volume


Water tank capacity



Primary filter + HEPA filter


Brushless motor

Detection system

OBS all floor detection system

Suction Nozzle

V – Shape Rolling Brush & suction

Working Parameters


3200mAh (Li-ion 20V/33W)

Working time

About 110-120min

Scope of work


Charging time

4-5 hours

Working noise


Suction strength

2100 Pa

Other functions

Cleaning Route

Planned Type

Automatic Recharge


Timing Reservation


Remote Control


Memory environment


Air filtration


Anti Collision


Anti Falling


Wet mop







Delivery Time Info(from China)



North America



South America


AliExpress Standard Shipping

10 – 20 days

20 – 35 days

AliExpress Premium Shipping

4 – 10 days

8 – 15 days


3 – 7 days

7-15 days


7 – 15 days

7-15 days


Russian Federation

EMS / Post office

Central, Volga

10 – 17 days

Northwestern, Southern,
Ural, Siberian

15 – 25 days

Far Eastern,North Caucasus

25 – 45 days

We will send the correct Plug Adapter that suitable for the country in the shipping address:

EU Plug Adapter (2 Pin Round Pin)
Most Europe Countries,Most African Countries,Most Middle East Countries,South Korea,Chile,Paraguay,etc.

US Plug Adapter (2 Pin Flat Pin)
United States,Canada,Most North and South American Countries,Japan,Philippines,Thailand,etc.

Australia/New Zealand (2 Pin Plug Adapter)
Australia,New Zealand,Argentina

UK Plug Adapter (3 Pin Flat Pin)



Brand Name






Power (W)


Voltage (V)



Mopping & Sweeping & Suction Type

Dust Box Capacity (L)

<0.5 L

Dust Storage Type

Dust Box

Battery Life

2 hours

Bag Or Bagless




Timing Reservation






Remote Control


Special Suction Nozzle

Wiping & Absorbing Ground Brush

Filter Type


Model Number


Turbo Brush


Cord Length (m)


Cleaning Route

Planned Type

Release Date


Dust box volume


Water tank capacity




Scope of work

180 Square meters

72 reviews for Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  1. 1***r

    Just came on the scheduled date. But I wanted to get faster. Since saw the goods long processed in store’s warehouse

  2. A***n

    Not a rusifier. I could not sew on the Russian program.

  3. K***v

    Это первый робот у меня. Штука прям маст-хэв, если некогда бегать с веником или обычным пыликом. Год производства 2021, прошивка на данный момент последняя 47. В комплекте второй универсальный контейнер 2в1 с водяной помпой и фильтром. Моет он, конечно не моет, просто протирает влажной тряпкой. Но чище явно делает. Волос в первый раз намотал столько, что страшно стало откуда их столько взялось. Сколько его не запускал, постоянно что-то находит, хоть вроде чисто уже. С помощью 4пда получил рут доступ и прошил русский голос, из коробки он только китайский. В принципе голос не особо нужен, но не очень понятно что происходит без голосового оповещения. За чуть меньше чем 14к штука прям необходимая. Аккумулятор у него как оказалось всего из 4х 18650 в аккуратном пластиковом корпусе. Когда АКБ устанет, особой проблемы не составит сделать новый самому.

  4. A***v

    Excellent device.

  5. 2***r

    Split a piece from the charging station

  6. Customer

    Это шикарный аппарат! покупка принесла только удовлетворение и всего за 13500 р. Доставили в ближайшею Пятёрочку за 7 дней, с момента оплаты на сайте. Версия не глобальная, а китайская, поэтому скачаете mi home, в настройках приложения язык выберете какой вам более удобен, а регион выберите “Китай”. Все запрашиваемые разрешения вы одобряете. После этого пылесос законектится с вашим вай-фай и телефоном, попросит дать ему имя. Надо будет выбрать название комнаты. Потом нажимаете слово старт и пылесос поехал исследовать помещение и одновременно убирать. Сам составит план вашего помещения и обозначит самостоятельно комнаты (зоны уборки). Мой совет – сначала убрать помещение самостоятельно с влажной уборкой, а потом только запускать пылесос. Я так сделал и он всё равно нашёл грязь и пыль, чем меня очень порадовал, , хотя чистота была идеальная! Ещё при первом запуске уберите все предметы с пола (стулья, обувь и прочее) Огромное спасибо продавцу!

  7. V***v

    Cool thing.)

  8. D***o

    Брал по акции за 13,6к. С экспресс-доставкой был только черный цвет. Взял его, хотя и понимал, что цвет очень непрактичный. В целом моделью осень доволен, привязал к приложению и сделал пару уборок. Осталось разобраться с озвучкой и будет вообще огонь). Да, забыл пару слов сказать о доставке – заняла 6 дней до пятерочки в МО.

  9. S***n

    Great vacuum cleaner! Legitimate instantly, built a card in the phone, removes pts not bad. Dry and wet cleaning, all as it should!

  10. Y***v

    все отлично

  11. O***v

    It’s fine.

  12. 6***r

    Very pleased with his work

  13. O***v

    Good vacuum cleaner

  14. V***v

    Delivered on time. The order was delivered to IML only from the second time. The first time sent a message with the code of receipt and that the courier received the parcel, waited a whole day, no calls and deliveries, and at night in the tracking appeared about. In a day, a new message about the receipt of the parcel by courier, this time I called him myself and the parcel was delivered in 3 hours. The vacuum cleaner works, connected through the app, only works with the Chinese region in the app, chat also in Chinese. the question price is 14000

  15. A***v

    I took for 13500 with a promotional code, I’m happy with the purchase

  16. V***v

    Just a bomb. Builds cards, does not ride one place 10 times, in general pleasantly pleased. Do not compare with old robots without navigation systems. Sucks well-there is no more hair from the dog, and also wet cleaning. The only negative container B a little more, and so just super!

  17. D***v

    Top for this money.

  18. Customer

    ну плюсик вам +

  19. K***v

    For its functionality is very good

  20. A***n

    Works all good

  21. H***h

    Everything came in whole and safe) the robot works on hurray, we are happy as children;) The store did not send the parcel from the warehouse for a long time, so they they they don’t worry. Ordered 17 was supposed to come 27, in fact came to Krasnodar on 23. We don’t care. To the seller many thanks and apologies for donizing without reason)

  22. Z***z

    товар пришел . все хорошо

  23. S***v

    Quiet, bright, indispensable assistant to the elderly

  24. 3***r

    Vacuum cleaner got everything okay works selling sociable recommend

  25. A***v

    How to pour a Russian language there is an instruction on 4pda. Vacuum cleaner is good. Recommend

  26. A***n


  27. E***h

    I didn’t. Bought not myself

  28. D***v

    It came to the point of issue, did not check, TC took as a gift

  29. A***o

    The vacuum cleaner still managed to come to Ng. It works fine. The Chinese version. now I’m looking at how to put a Russian voice

  30. R***v

    Yes all got everything cool, thank you very much

  31. N***n

    I’m happy with the purchase, everything works. Delivered quickly!

  32. A***v

    I ordered with delivery from Russia, it was promised that the order would arrive until 27.12.2021, in the end only the 26th, respectively, the promised period did not come with. Not critical, of course, but the fact itself… With the order is all right, came with an additional cloth and a brush, also put an adapter for our outlets (as ordered), says the Chinese language.

  33. V***v

    All OK

  34. E***a

    The house was beautiful!

  35. V***n

    пылесос крутой, доставка ужасная от Москвы до Калужской области дошел за 25дней, отправка dpd которые 20 дней с места на место переплавляли, потом отправили почтой России.

  36. K***v

    Brought home. Everything is working, I hope, next will not fail. Let’s test it, let’s see. While the first days of the flight are normal. Helps around the house well, dust collects a car. Do not tupit, the rooms determine correctly. The only negative is that the Chinese version. And the humidifier is international. They’re not friends. Have to change regions for management. 🙁 I wish I could come up with some kind of bypass to this House for the iPhone. It’s just me.

  37. L***l

    I like it very much, I suffered with the application, but it does not have to be installed at all, and so it goes to read the configuration and goes everywhere. Took the 11th with delivery went out 19

  38. Customer

    Of the minuses-you need to install the Chinese region in the mobile application. In the rest, an excellent thing. I turned off the voice at all.

  39. D***n

    Works fine. Low things do not see, moves them. Delivery IML to the regions is long. There were 10 days in the next town. Barely by the new year managed)

  40. 4***r

    пришел довольно быстро. разговаривал по китайски, русифицировано не без танцев с бубном. подключение к приложению не с первого раза.

  41. 4***r

    Came pretty fast. Talked in Chinese, Russified not without Dancing with the tambourine. Connection to the application is not the first time

  42. I***V

    The order would be sent quickly, no complaints to the store. However, the delivery of DPD is just a fairy tale, since December 27, the order was from me in 15 kilometers, but did not reach me until I went to the station of of of And the work of the point of issue, this is a separate story… ..

  43. A***n

    The description does not say that the goods can be versions of CH, not global. You can only pass into Russian through the installation of Linux (all 4 PDA breaks). At communication asked global, but the store said that it was not available. It’s OK, but a little unpleasant. Everything else is good.

  44. K***a

    I ordered December 18, delivery from Russia, promised December 30, eventually moved to January 18, which of course upset, apparently affected the holidays, but on the basis of a fact, I, I The vacuum cleaner bought my mother, my mother is delighted, with the control and adjustment sorted out the video from yutuba, there were no problems. The store answered quickly. Delivery by IML Mail, the track was tracked only on their website. The truth from the moment of the transfer of goods to the Courier in Moscow, until delivery to the Kirov region it was 9 days, apparently the courier walked)) again I write it off off for Took for 14800. The price is pleasant, so everyone is happy.

  45. J***v

    Thanks, always the best price and quality! I ordered not one vacuum cleaner from the store, always in touch, fast shipment and of course original products. Communicative seller!

  46. E***n

    Dust Chinese, you need to sew. And through LUnix. To be less, take the globe. But only will you take the globe for 13,5 ₽? And so-delivery from the Russian Federation to Pyaterochka for a week.

  47. Customer

    The Chinese version, the adapter to our outlet is no Getting to talk at Russian in a simplified order (through the installation of the “correct” mihoma) did not work out, it will be necessary to have a dance with bubns

  48. S***v

    Отличный робот-пылесос, доставили быстро, где-то за две недели, работает всё хорошо, строит карту и видит все препятствия на ура, не бьётся об предметы. при цене в 13т.р., очень отличный помощник! Спасибо данному магазину!

  49. D***v

    I was pleased. It’s fast. Seller molovets!

  50. A***v

    Так и не привезли , прождал два месяца , вынес мозг транспортной, в итоге не знаю , толи меня продавец хотел обмануть , то ли не повезло , через месяц ожидания при обещанной доставке за 7 дней , продавец дал мне номер для отслеживания груза , поездка билась как бы в пути, появились сомнения из за того , что посылка была отправлена из Москвы в Казань , хотя я сам в Москве живу , на протяжении двух недель я звонил в транспортную , узнавая у разных менеджеров где моя посылка и почему она уехала в Казань , менеджеры сказали , что посылка потерялась и они ее ищут , по итогу : мой пылесос забрали в Казани другой заказчик , продавец намутил схему понятную только ему, он дал мне номер чужого заказа , поменяв получателя на меня, по факту отправив один заказ двум людям , написав ему , что я знаю что это какой то развод , в транспортной мне дали всю информацию по тому человеку который забрал заказ , продавец сразу же вернул деньги .. жалко много потерянного времени …

  51. V***v

    There are no questions about the product, but the delivery is very bad. Waited for 2.5 months. At the same time, the delivery was paid. Who has a lot of free time to wait, then you can buy here. Who wants fast delivery, then the store does not recommend.

  52. G***r

    The store is excellent, everything came in excellent Condition, provension 0, and the vacuum cleaner costs thousands by 6-8 less than in our stores, worth its money for 1000%

  53. R***r

    Robot gun, connects through app all by Russian only speaks Chinese. Until St. Petersburg was a week, it works now every day-the house is clean and without tensions! One of the best purchases for the house, with a carpet copes on the IZI.

  54. Y***Y

    Пылесос супер))) убирается очень хорошо, а главное не очень шумно!!! Я очень довольна! И дома всегда чисто!!!

  55. S***v

    In general, a bomb, if there is a cat then this is a necessary device. delivery about a week, the price is 14.300. arodavza and vacuum cleaner recommend

  56. K***v

    Delivered everything well and quickly, but there is a nuance. Instead of delivery to the house, they deliver to the point of issue. At the same time, during the order there is not a word about it.

  57. S***s

    Great vacuum cleaner

  58. G***r

    Everything corresponds to the description, removes well, builds the map of the room, the Chinese voice turned off quite so that it is removed in silence 🙂 from the minuses went a month,,,

  59. Y***y

    In general, an excellent vacuum cleaner. The main problem in dryers/flasks and similar to that has legs of a shaped shape. They’re low enough for him to try to move them, but tall enough to keep him from doing it. With dry cleaning, he still with a storm to get out of this trap, but with an installed rag already without a chance. It is solved by installing virtual walls on the map, but in the official application the minimum length of these walls is limited and significantly exceeds the size of the same clamshell. At 4pda, you can find a third-party Mi Home client on which you can roll the plugin removing these restrictions. And after these manipulations and precise settings of virtual walls, the robot can already clean up on schedule without getting stuck.

  60. E***o

    Beautiful goods, all as in the description. Fast delivery, the goods came without damage, well packed. Thank you very much store!

  61. D***v

    Everything is super!

  62. V***.

    Everything is fine thanks! Chinese version.

  63. A***a

    Everything works, the delivery was with a little delay, but not critical. Vacuum cleaners took on gifts, everyone is happy.

  64. R***m

    Китайская версия как и ожидалось, мне все равно на каком языке он говорит, если что то можно перепрошить, повезло с промокодом и купил за 12800 с России, пришло через неделю, все отлично

  65. V***r

    Excellent vacuum cleaner, everything does on Hurray!

  66. P***n

    Всё отлично. Доставлено дней за 9 в сяомишной коробке, работает всё должным образом

  67. D***v

    The vacuum cleaner is cool, everything is like in the description. Instruction in Chinese, I had to watch videos on yutub to understand, but there is an instruction on the Internet and on Russian

  68. A***a

    Everything came quickly, 5 days before the mo, the version of the Chinese, but 15 minutes of searching on yutuba helped to pass into Russian, goes around the house to worry now

  69. J***z

    A wonder. Laser guidance is a pass. It optimizes time a lot. The battery perfectly supports cleaning the entire floor. The result is very good.

  70. D***v

    The order was paid by 21.01, the courier sent to NSK 08.02. The workmanship is excellent, it works without complaints, from the minuses of the Chinese language. The store put the adapter for the Chinese plug in the box.

  71. 8***r

    I can not connect to the app in the phone. How to set up on floor washing?

  72. G***n

    Brought very quickly to Yaroslavl (4 days). Works fine, but the version is Chinese, not global.

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