Simulation resin rockery

Simulation resin rockery

Product details: Simulation resin rockery

Material: Synthetic resin
Process: Resin process
Category: Resin Crafts
Hanging form: decoration
Style: pastoral
Packing: carton packaging


: length 15* width 11* height 14cm


: length 24.5* width 8* height 17cm

1. High degree of simulation;
2, injection molding into color, long time soaked in water does not fade;
3, easy to clean, clean the dirt with a soft brush + water.
4, good quality and low price;
5. There are no requirements for lighting and carbon dioxide;
6, plastic forming, no impact on fish and water quality, non-toxic and harmless.
7, is the best match of the fish tank

Simulation resin rockery

Simulation resin rockerySimulation resin rockerySimulation resin rockery

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